Why the Internet is Awesome

UPDATED 19 Sept 2013:

Last night I received a very odd e-mail. It was a (courteous) demand from Karla to remove this post -- based on the reconciliation of Ingrid and Chris Rosebrough. (Karla says now it was not based on Chris & Ingrid reconciling.  Noted.)

Let's face it: that's not much of a basis for doing much of anything except giving credit where credit is due to Ingrid and Chris. I said so to Karla, and said there is always forgiveness where there is repentance.

I figured that was the end of it, but this morning, something else happened: Karla sent me what I can only interpret as an honest and clear apology for what you can read below. That is: it seems to me she has seen the error of what she has done/was doing, and has given it up, and has sought out forgiveness for it.

I completely and utterly accept her apology, and credit her and her faith for it. If you are reading this post, you should revise it in this way: I really love the tomfoolery of the Internet, but I love Jesus more. I'm grateful for the way he changes hearts.

Back around 3 March, Karla Tadler outed Steve Camp and Mike Horton as "useful idiots" for the malevolent and unstoppable Rick Warren. I noted that we would all sleep better knowing that these guys are now out (I know -- right?), and the infamous Ingrid Schlueter chimed in to let me know that I think everyone is an idiot. Thanks, btw, for that!

I'd link to the whole thing, but I have unfriended Karla after the following exchange:

I'm outed, y'all. O-U-T. At least now I can wear my birkenstocks in public without feeling all weird about it, and my soul patch is only 10 days away from perfection.