George Bryson

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 11:23:33 -0700
From: “Mike Lawyer”
To: “Frank Turk”
Subject: Re: George Bryson

Hi Frank,

I did talk with Mr. Bryson on the phone. I assured him, without knowing how he quoted the CA paragraph, that Doug was indeed endorsing the book by mentioning it at all in Credenda.

Of course Doug was not endorsing it in the sense that he thought Mr. Bryson’s book’s conclusions were accurate, only that he described Calvinist theology correctly and well, which is what the quote on Mr. Bryson’s new book says.

Doug is still on vacation, but when I described what I’d told Mr. Bryson, he didn’t disagree with me.

Next week, he’ll take a look at it and probably write something on his blog.

Perhaps someone, like you, should do with Mr. Bryson’s book what Doug did recently with the atheists’ books.

Thanks for asking and paying attention to all of this.

Mike Lawyer
Christ Church, Moscow

With that, I offer my apology to Mr. Bryson for making an issue of something which is not an issue, and for any offense I have caused him.