Humility vs. humiliation

I'm reading this book by Ken Blanchard called the Servant Leader, which came out in 2003, so this isn't like this is something that new and whatever. And before I get too far here, I think Blanchard's point in this book – that a good leader has right motives, a right plan, right work ethic and right disciplines – is sound enough. If you want to be an effective leader who is getting others to get on-board and stay in your organization, these are good practices.

But here's something Blanchard says which sort of stunned me:
We want you to trust Jesus as your leadership model ... Would you hire him? A common barrier to embracing Jesus as a role model for leadership often lies in skepticism of the relevance of His teaching to your specific leadership situations. One way of putting Jesus to the test would be to apply the same criteria to His knowledge, experience and success that you would to the hiring of a business consultant.
And I find myself thinking, "you know, he was also a carpenter, and I need some work done around my house. Maybe somebody should write a book about how Jesus can teach me to be a really great carpenter."

Because that's what the Gospel is all about – that's what Jesus came to do here.