It's not the Years, it's the Mileage

As I write this post, it's March 2016, which is 11 years and a few months after the first post was published here.  You know: wow.  That anyone still visits here is also a "wow" item to me, so thanks for that.

But, over time, things change -- and one of those things is my ownership of the domain "".  That's relevant to this blog because almost all the images on this blog were warehoused there, and in April 2016 I abandoned that domain because it wasn't worth the price anymore, and all the images here which were stored there went dark.

That's a big deal because I think while the writing here is competent, the graphics have been the heart and soul of the endeavor.  If an easy way for me to migrate the images manifests itself, I'm going to do it -- but there's probably no way to fix all of them.

With that note, please continue on to the Main Blog Page.