[#] And just some Friday complainin'

Over the last week I have had the opportunity to look at my own blog from a variety of platforms and browsers that I don't usually get to use because my in-laws have a PC that is configured differently than the ones I use at work and at the bookstore. It made me somewhat crazy (as opposed to ...) because I just don't understand what Microsoft thinks it is doing, and I don't understand why anyone, right now is using the current version of IE.

Listen: the old version of IE (5.X) renders css correctly; the old MAC version of IE (5.X) renders css correctly; all versions of Mozilla after 1.4 render css correctly; of course all Mac OS X browsers render css correctly.

Only the current version of IE does not render css correctly.

And it's sickening because I have spent a LOT of time trying to get my lovely blog template to render in some semblence of aesthetic pleasure for IE -- to the place where right now sometimes IE will load the page and sometimes it will not because it gets confused by the use of table and DIV tags.

There are no really good reasons not to use Firefox. You may have a reason, but it's not a good reason.
Upgrade to Firefox 1.5!