My New Pet Peeve

I got this e-mail this morning:
How Pursuing God Trumps the Pursuit of Riches - Every Time!
7 Ancient Paths to Wealth, Wisdom & the Wonder of God

“But God” I asked, “How am I ever going to get out of this financial hole?”
“Pursue Me”, the Lord responded simply.

“But God, I thought I had been doing that and look at the difficulty I’m in now. What do you mean, ‘Pursue Me’?”

“Pursue Me” the Lord answered again.

I was frustrated. I wanted a list of things to do. God wanted me.

“But how do I pursue You? I obviously haven’t been doing that very well. Would you please explain that?”

The Lord answered a third and final time with an authority I knew not to question further. “Pursue ME.”

With That, I Purposed to Rise Each Morning and Pursue God like Never Before
My wife and I had just returned from Guatemala where we had the best and worst experience of our life. The best because of the harvest of souls and seeing God manifest Himself mightily and the worst because we took a terrible financial beating.

I was in desperate need of answers and all God would tell me is to pursue Him. If that’s all He tells you, you best be doing it! For me, it meant abandoning my idea of twenty minutes of quiet time each day. Instead, I would read my Bible and pray - until… Until His presence showed up and until, that same presence lifted. I found out that He was always glad to meet me in the morning and never in a hurry to leave. My quiet times were never less than an hour, usually lasted for two or three hours and it was not rare for it to go four or five hours. If God showed up, I was not about to leave.

We had only $300 cash…
Our credit line was exhausted and there was no more room on our credit cards. With no work lined up, we were in desperate straits. The first thing God dealt with me on was covetousness. The sin Paul compares to idolatry. Not very pretty. I was stricken with grief and the first thing we did was take the $300 we had left and wired it to a widow and orphan we had met in Guatemala.

Within days, God had impressed upon folks to help us out with some cash and we went to Dallas where we met with Chuck Pierce for breakfast. His prophetic word for us was one of the goads we stood upon to climb out of the pit. Then an old friend called from Canada announcing that he had been praying and the Holy Spirit told him to contact me. He wanted some business counsel and asked my fee. I told him if the Holy Spirit told him to call, He could also tell him what to pay. He received my counsel and as it turns out, God was quite generous.

As I kept pursuing God, He kept revealing mysteries to me.
While I pursued Him and grew in Him, He also brought me a steady stream of unbelievable opportunities for book deals, television production, favor with national ministries, etc and a steady, growing stream of professional clients. It has been 13 years and the stream has never shut off and I’ve never had to look for another client or opportunity since. I quit trying to be the rainmaker and simply followed the cloud of God and became a professional raincatcher and it has made all the difference!

Perhaps the most profound mystery I learned during this season was from the Tabernacle of Moses. I had always seen it as a foreshadowing of God’s plan of salvation but now I learned to glean additional lessons from that sacred pattern that could be applied to business or life in general.

What I discovered liberated me from performance-driven behavior and left me seated at the feet of Jesus being taught by God through His Word how to profit (among other things) using seven powerful lessons from the Tabernacle of Moses to poll vault me further than I had ever gone in the world of business. Just one of the lessons, The Power of the Threefold Blessing revealed throughout Scripture will open your eyes to dimensions you may never have dreamed possible.

If you are tired of chasing riches…
If you want to be through only seeing them take flight like an eagle (Proverbs 23:5) and would rather chase after God and learn how to let Him add everything you need to your life, I invite you to examine closely this special teaching, The RainCatcher’s Secret - 7 Ancient Paths to Wealth, Wisdom and the Wonder of God. It can revolutionize your life. It did mine!

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Michael Q. Pink, Founder
Selling Among Wolves, LLC

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I have exchanged e-mails with Mr. Pink, and he's utterly convinced that he's not peddling a health and prosperity theology.