On removing posts

It's funny, but when I have Blogger set up to drop the 15th-oldest post, and it falls off, nobody notices -- no matter how incendiary it is. I have blogger set to drop the 3rd-oldest post, and suddenly I'm doing what all disreputable bloggers do: I'm revising history or shame-facedly and without comment removing something I am allegedly ashamed of.

Here's a tip for people who think they know something about their favorite bloggers: use your favorite search engine to discover how often they have offered up the following phrases --

"I apologize"
"I'm Sorry"
"I was wrong"

It will be very instructive to you about how they deal with their own alleged sobriety of thinking and circumspection.

This is reported to be Captain Drama, but it's only a copycat from a non-denominational summer stock troupe:

For the record, here's my favorite candid photo of Captain Drama:

Notice how it's impossible to tell if he's wearing a mask to cover his own horrible disfigurement thereby giving him a smooth porceline exterior, or if the mask he's wearing is scarier than what's actually underneath.

However, never let it be said that he doesn't have a lovely singing voice. He always brings down the house.