On-going meta format issues

Here's the deal: technologically-useful browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox) allow the web-designer to define a "div" element with a "minHeight" attribute, so if the "div" object has content that is, say, less than a certain number of characters, it doesn't collapse into wicked obsurity and devastate the layout. MSIE 6.x doesn't.

The way MSIE works around that is that the attribute "height" actually operates as a "height not less than" attribute, and if the content is larger than the height, the height exands. Problematically, no other modern browser is that lazy. "Height: 90px;" in firefox gives you a box which is 90px high, and if your content goes to 91px, it crunches your content.

This has nothing to do with the Gospel. This has to do with web design.

Anyway, it is now working in MSIE. The question is if it now works in other browsers. You be the judge.