the radical question

My friend Phil Johnson linked me to this post at La Sabot Postmoderne (a blog which never can seem to die), and it reminded me of this post from the archive, earlier this year.

I like the joke. I'm not sure I like the implications of the joke in terms of pragmatics.

Here's what I mean: if the "answer" to the dilemma is that the Left likes the Islamists better because they have a habit of bombing the perceived common enemies of the Left, it seems like this is a call to fight fire with fire.

I am certain that Sabot does not mean this. But, as Instapundit was pointing out in the first half of this year, it doesn't take a very complicated syllogism to get to the place where we're in that scene in the Untouchables where Sean Connery is instructing Kevin Costner on what it's gonna take to stop the Mob.