I Love New York

I know: I live in Arkansas. You know I live in Arkansas. But I was born in NY and in spite of my new birth and heart now inclined toward God, I was born in NY and frankly I love it. I love those people and I love the drama of NY.

Listen: if you wrote a book about a hard-nosed prosecutor who was willing to go to the mat with world-class companies to expose their corporate greed and stupidity to the harsh white light of Lady Justice's torch, but in gaining the political reward for his tireless efforts finds himself the victim of a simple prostitution sting, nobody would publish it. Too corny; too unrealistic.

Except in NY, baby.

Elliot Spitzer: resign and move on. You're not a Clinton, and you have at least the right amount of civic respect to vacate the office you have used like a latrine. It's your fault. Own it.