reporting vs. pandering

I found this link via JT's blog, but I'd like to offer it as an example of reporting vs. pandering, and kudos to the WSJ for getting the facts and the spirit of this issues right.

This feature is a long way more balanced in dealing with the issues involved than the one WSJ ran on "church discipline" a while back, and it deals with the subject in a way which reports both facts and viewpoints without exercising bias toward any party in the story.

BTW, I suggest to Pastor Todd Wilkin that he and his producer start a podcast called "Stumbling Block". I personally own the domain "" and I'd be willing to donate/transfer it to them for their work. If they have a solid donor base, they can set up the basics for a good podcast for less than $3000 -- I'd bet less than $1000 if they have any desktop computers less than 3 years old.