Phil Perkins update

Sent earlier today:

FROM: Frank Turk
TO: Phil Perkins
Wed Feb 11, 2009 @ 10:56 AM
SUBJECT: re: e-bate

Jim, [sic -- my typo]

No open-ended exchanges. Q&A format, word limits -- you can choose the # of questions and the word limits. That's how I always engage with people, and for you to ask for an open-ended exchange demonstrates only two things: [1] you think having the last word makes you right, and [2] you think wanting structure in the exchange is cowardice. My opinion is that you can have the first and last word, and the reader can decide from a structured exchange that follows a clear method of give and take who has the better grasp of the facts and the stronger conclusion.

As for any "announcements" you want to make, publish this e-mail chain as the substance of what we're talking about. Of all the people on the internet today, Phil, who are even semi-reputable, you have picked the one person who is well known for taking all comers in structured debate. I welcome debating your factually-challenged thesis with your choice of moderator and your choice of debate forum; I will publish every word of the exchange at my Debate Blog so someone other than your wife and your parole officer will read it. You deserve every minute of your grab for attention, and I plan on giving it to you when we have resolved these preliminaries.

Not if: when. It's not any kind of debate if there's no structure for the readers to follow.