When God's Word causes you to sin

We covered my covetousness over the Calfskin ESV yesterday. Today I just want to point out that this Bible edition is even more drool-worthy. If you have never handled or used a loose leaf bible before, you really have no idea what it means to have a real "note taker's" Bible. Wide margins are nice, I guess, but not hardly beefy enough to take real notes on a perpetual basis. You get one of these bad boys and a ream of acid-free, pre-drilled white 8.5x11 paper, and a set of accounting binders, and you have what I would call the top shelf of self-study Bible tools which does not require electricity.

When mine arrives, I'll do a series of blog posts on how to make your copious-note-taker's bible.

In more serious, real-faith news, my brother John sent me this link, and he has requested prayer for this young lady from his church.

You people remember how to do that, right?