[%] british link troll

I just wanted to update the blog with a link to Adrian Warnock's 2000th post in the blogosphere. I know: I don't link to Adrian's blog usually (like he needs me), but this is a special occation and I thought I'd send some TTLB love his way this week.

And for the sake of full disclosure, he e-mailed me and asked. Let's make sure when we put all the cards on the table that we recognize that all bloggers -- no matter how seemingly "above" the frenzy of link-rankings they seem to be -- are link-greedy. We are all like Gollum on the inside: we need the precious. We love the Precious. WE WILL TAKES THE PRECIOUS FROM THE NASTY HOBBITSES!

The other thing about that link is that you should click through just to prove to Adrian that my readers are a force in the blogosphere. When you get a link from this blog, it gets passed through.