[%] We interrupt the blog ...

I am loathe to even refer you to this other blog as it is frankly a barnyard of large livestock and you have no idea what you might step in while walking around, but Harry Shearer (who does wa-a-a-ay too many voices on the Simpsons) wrote this, and I think it's worth reading.

I think the take-away from his little essay there is not, really, the information that the Democrats can't pony up a credible opposition: it's that there are not even any opportunists inside the DNC which can capitalize on the party's listless drift. When all is said and done, Reagan was an opportunist in the 1980 election for a Republican party that really had nothing on the ball -- and he wound up literally changing the course of history. You'd think some honest-to-Lieberman centrist Democrat (and not the poseur Hillary) could capitalize on the party's ideological void and pour himself into that place to pick up a lot of support when the RNC is also especially weak.

The problem for the DNC, though, is not that they don't have any opportunists: it's that all of their opportunists are like George Clooney and Howard Dean. They are so far outside of the middle current of National politics that they can only barely excite their own radical base, and they cannot at all excite anyone within 4 sigma of the middle.

And since political commentary is really not this blog's purpose in life, I'll leave it at that.