nutter post 6.9

Notice how this particular post doesn't have my cumulative index code prefix on it? Yeah, that's because it's an update that I want to post but not remember after I've done it.

I don't know how you run your blog, but usually I have a running list of notes that I use to continue my progress forward -- in order not to drop the last post in a series, or what have you. Most of the time it simply tracks my train of thought so I don't find myself ina tunnel with a set of lights coming in the other direction.

Today, I have to admit something: I cannot make heads or tails out of my notes for the last post in the "nutter" series. I am sure they made a lot of sense when I wrote them down, but right now they might as well be in sanscrit backwards so I can only read them by looking in a mirror. I'm going to have to spend an hour or two trying to trace my thoughts down beginning with the e-mails that spawned this series, so you might want to find something more important to do.

Really, I blame Dan over at TeamPyro for sending me down the rabbit hole of Jerry Falwell's alleged theological swan-dive. That took a lot of time and energy yesterday, and I'm still trying to shake that one off.