[%] the First Stone

Let me be the first one to point you at this interview by Adrian Warnock with Mark Driscoll, and also to be the first one to throw a stone at it.

Before I talk my short lick at this interview, it is worth reading -- if for no other reason than to see the kind of talker Mark Driscoll can be. You know: the wrong reason to be skeptical of Pastor Driscoll is that he has said excessively-mean things about McLaren and Pagett. What he said about them in fact was true and he was merely outlandish in his tone and his choice of words.

Anyway, here you see Pastor Driscoll chat with Adrian Warnock, and he is of course very cordial. It's hard to be otherwise with Adrian. My problem with this interview is that it's not even much of a primer on Driscoll. Anyone who has read Radical Reformission or any of his other books knew (or had the information to know) everything in this interview. It's not very revelatory in that respect.

And, of course, while Pastor Driscoll is actively separating himself from the Emergent crowd, personally I still have a ton of questions for him. He takes great pride in not being "in" with any other part of the church (which I think is a questionable position); he has a church is one of the least-culturally-Christian regions of the United States (which I think is a great idea if you are actually advancing the Gospel message).

So I remain ambivalent about Pastor Driscoll -- and this interview doesn't really do much for me in terms of resolving that ambivalence. But if you want to hear (or read) Driscoll speak for himself on the basics, that's the place to go.