[*] so-called Baptists

I was reading banty Rooster's blog to see if he has failed out of college yet (that's a joke, Brian), and I came across this article regarding Francis J. Beckwith and Baylor University. As in, Baylor has denied Beckwith tenure.

Hey: I'm a baptist, and I don't cuss or drink of go with girls who do, but this story makes me want to cuss and drink (although I am sure my wife would never have it). Beckwith can't get tenure? Beckwith?

Beckwith can't get tenure?

I'm stumped. I had no idea Baylor was this kind of stupid. If you're a Baylor alum (which I admit I am not), and you care about the future of the university, and you ever donate any money, you should call the President and complain about this somewhat-arbitrary invalidation of a guy who is frankly top-shelf when it comes to encountering the culture with Christ. I don't think he's a 5-pointer, but he's a fine thinker and a very fine writer.

What Baylor has done is ugly. Somebody please complain.