[*] War?

So I was innocently managing my comments this morning before I take a weekend hiatus, and to my surprize, HaloScan has the graphic you see at the right on the control page.

Yes, lovely, isn't it? My first reaction was -- as you can imagine -- a good laugh. I can just imagine to people who came up with this idea sitting around a Starbucks or something and one of them standing up to do a Bugs Bunny impression and saying, "Easter? Of course you know, this means war."

Odds bodkin, man! Haven't you had enough of the sugar peeps and Reese's eggs? We must put a stop to Paas egg dying kits and, above all else, the frilly bonnets and white gloves prevelant in the most backward state of Arkansas!

Oh wait: they mean Jesus. They have declared a war on Jesus because, of course, Jesus is a lie. And they are presenting themselves as counter-evangelists for their own cause.

But don't believe me: read it for yourself. Please -- read it all. You needed something to fill up the end of this day-before-holiday, and this'll do.

I've actually asked one of the people involved in this experiment to join me on DebateBlog when Jodie and I have finished up, and I'll be interested in what his definition of evangelism is, among other things.