is this thing on?

OK. It's not hardly perfect, but it's what I've been doing for my sunday school class for the last 6 weeks and they have been kind and appreciative -- so the rest of you can find out what I sound like every morning.

The Generic Sunday School podcast is now on-line, and it picks up where we are reading through the Old Testament, my warts and all. It is not hardly perfect, and all errors are plainly my errors. However, rather than leave the podcast icon in the top of the blog perpetually dark, I thus link you.

The link works best when you have iTunes in the background and then click to find the subscription. The audio quality was best last week, and as long as you don;t mind a 15 MB download for 30 minutes of audio, it's OK. I was trying to keep the file size down around 3 MB each week, but the quality was like AM radio.

Anyway, there ya go. It's not hardly John MacArthur.

UPDATED: First of all, I thought everyone knew what a podcast icon looks like. Look under the comics code approval stamp to see the icon.

Second (and last), I got this e-mail today from iTunes which pointed me at iTunes University, and one of the links was Concordia Seminary's intro to Greek. I think your iPod just paid for itself.

ANOTHER UPDATE: the blog which feeds the podcast is found here for the luddites who still use dial-up but not iTunes.