My wife indulged me

Except for the gratuitous implied sex scene in the first 20 minutes, I loved Iron Man. Not for kids, for sure: I'd say rated "T" for Teen at least (very intense scenes and war violence [no splatter]).

However, it was pitch-perfect, and Downey was classic as Tony Stark. The big surprise for me was Jeff bridges as Obediah Stane.

Anyway, two thumbs up, not a big disappointment like the last Superman movie, and it leaves the door open for a lot of other cool stuff from marvel in the "Ultimate" universe category.

There are no spoilers. Go see it.

UPDATED: I'm looking for the person who can get me a high-res image of Stark's workshop in the scene where he's taking off the armor after he saves the Afgani village. When he looks over his shoulder at Pepper Potts, there's a workbench behind him, and I think Captian America's shield is on that bench.

Go find me the HI RES version of that scene. This is the low-res version: