Vote or Die

Y'know, I post the "best of" posts to try to keep the blog from going belly-up and to keep my time commitment to blogging minimized in the system tray, if you get what I'm saying: open, running, but not really doing anything.

Last night, my family went camping without me because, well, I'm the Dad, and I work for a living and the rest of them have a lovely summer vacation to take. And I hate sleeping on the ground. But in that, I got to eat pizza (the kind I like), play TeamFortress 2 until I unlocked the second level achievements for the Pyro, and in an act of utter irresponsibility, I slept in and didn't go work out this morning.

But that lead to reading blogs. Particularly, this one which I hate to link to because it's the yellow journalism of alleged "God Blogging", worse by far than any so-called watch-blog.

So I was reading Malkin, and she had the above-linked link to a photoshopped P.Diddy wearing a t-shirt that says "OBAMA OR DIE". Now, he didn't actually wear that shirt -- it's a prank, see? Very clever. The problem is that he did actually start a chant to that effect at the BET awards, so wear the t-shirt or not, he's in.

Now, before you go checking the Pawn Shop, let me suggest something to you: what kind of message is "Obama or Die"? Is that a political message? Should we be running people for office in whom we want to invest the power of life or death -- particularly our life or our death, pesonally?

That sounds like something othe than a political message to me, along the lines of "Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!" And you have to ask yourself: is that how much confidence I have in our political system, or does my confidence really lie someplace else and I have been somehow misled into saying things about a man that I would (or at least "should") only say about God?