Global Parable Writer's entry #1

So Doug Wilson has (rightly) noticed my little open invitational here, and he has somewhat criticized my narrow interpretation of the genre (in spite of my linking to the broad-minded Wikipedia entry to give people an idea what I am talking about), and it got me to thinking about his point.

In fact, Doug said specifically, “Jesus told a particular kind of parable, but there are many examples of other ways of throwing something alongside something else to make a point.” Yes, well, if I knew that my wife's favorite restaurant was Macaroni Grill, and I promised to take her to her favorite restaurant, but when the evening arrived to take her there she came into the kitchen and the kids and I were blowing the place up making a runny little lasagna and a droopy salad with sliced white bread and warm water … you can't hardly blame her for being disappointed and a little cheated, can you? Especially if we made her clean up afterwards?

So write your parables “up”, not just “down”. And link them in the comments of this post – best ones will be carried over to this page tomorrow.