Blog and Dale

Good morning -- or maybe afternoon. I was going to post a somewhat-cryptic appeal to my readers for a person in Ft. Smith, AR, to take up being the beautiful feet of the Gospel today, but as you can see from the Google Analytics map, above, I don't have any readers in Ft. Smith, AR.

Yes: we have a bevvy of Baptist unrest in Newport and Jacksonville, and some subversives for the Gospel in Mountain View, Paragould and Jonesboro, but not a soul in Ft. Smith.

Just in case naming the city gets some traffic today -- and this would only be of any earthly or heavenly use today or tomorrow -- I spent my Sunday on a short-term mission trip for a single person, and I need a helper today or tomorrow who can drive and has a spare $40 to demonstrate the glory of God.

e-mail me if you are willing and able. If you are only willing but not able, or if you are unwilling, please go find something else to do today which will mean something to somebody.

For those who are invasively-curious, I have monkeyed with the date and time settings on this post so anything else I post today will post under it. The above request is totally serious and totally meaningful.

UDATED 9:30 AM 5/21: WOW. You have not because you ask not, people: I have a reader in Ft. Smith who checked in today and says he is willing to help. I will keep you updated as we finish this work.