Da Bomb

In an attempt to create the largest internet controversy of all time, I am going to put forth a thesis here at the blog and consider it over the next couple of weeks in bits and pieces.

As a Christian bookstore owner, I sell a lot of books. Those books are written by a lot of people. We do our best to stock only the things which are "good for" people, but junk like PDL and Your Best Life Now is popular enough that it turns up in stock. I admit it: we're not perfect.

However, over the handful of years we have been open, I have taken a small amount of grief for promoting books by Kay Arthur and Beth Moore -- because they are women who are plainly teachers. The admonition goes along the standard lines regarding why women ought not to be pastors or elders in the church.

Fair enough: I'm in. I agree with the "pastors and elders" argument, so I accept the admonition that women writing books on spiritual formation veers into the theological red-light district.

How does this standard apply to women bloggers? Does it apply? We're going to finish up on that Wade Burleson-linked article, and then approach this related topic with fear and trembling.

In the meantime, be in the Lord's house with the Lord's people on the Lord's day. It's what the Great Physician ordered.