Beckwith Link

Francis Beckwith answers some more questions. His treatment of the Council of Trent here is interesting only in that it demonstrates how little he had to do to return to communion with Rome.

If we assume for a minute that he's right about the sixth session of Trent, and that only "uncharitable" "Bible church" bigots would represent it as saying something other than sola Fide/sola Gratia/solo Christo, how does he explain the great Protestant confessions and catechisms rejecting the decrees of Trent on this matter?

Seriously: was Trent speaking to no one? Were they randomly picking doctrines to affirm in order to simply pass the time? Was no one intended by the canons XVII and XVIII in session 6?

May God be with him. His choice now is as hollow as his choice to leave was 30 years ago.