Stump the Chump

For those who missed it at TeamPyro, I posted this in the meta of a post by Dan:
My experience is that teens don't have enough Bible training to get after apologetic topics. They are all AWANA'd up, full of verses and good intentions, but they can't see the forest for the trees.

About once a year our youth pastor asks me to play "Stump the Chump" with the teens, where they write down their questions about the Bible or the faith, and I take the stack and just go through them with just me and my Bible. The questions we get are, well, an education in and of themselves. [note: we missed it this year -- we played "what's reformed theology and does it matter" instead]

But they reveal a lack of Bible education which is a bizarre shame in a culture which has no less than 80 different translations of the Bible.
That comment has resulted in an avalanche of e-mails from people who want to know what the questions are that I have gotten in the past and what answers I gave them.

I'll post a short list here, and some of them in categories as they are of a like kind. As a warning to all of you, reading this list and its answers does not make you any kind of an apologist: it makes you a trivia expert. An apologist would be diving deep into his (or her) own Bible and getting a view of the Bible which connects to real life.

So next week I'll post the "Stump the Chump" majors, and maybe some random stuff. The first week of the month is tough at work as I have a ton of paperwork to get out.

In the meantime, be in with the Lord's people in Lord's house on the Lord's day. You need those hypocrites, legalists and enthusiasts to help you with your sanctification. They prolly need you, too.