Obligatory Paris Hilton post

Briefly, before the day gets kicked off here, Paris Hilton was apparently releasd from jail last week to spend some time under "house arrest" or whatever you call it when you have to stay at home (I think it used to be called "grounded") rather than go to jail. The Judge wasn't actually happy about that, and ordered her back to actual jail where she has to serve out something like 45 days minus time served and time off for good behavior.

What I'm really posting about here is the somewhat universal glee being expressed on the internet that Ms. Hilton is going to jail and going to serve out her sentence. It's one thing to find some comfort in the fact that our legal system still works sometimes -- maybe most of the time. It's another to sort of throw a party when this girl has to spend 45 days in jail for doing something most people were dying to hear about in the first place. She was famous because she did this sort of stuff and validated all the people who were doing not-more-than-that in terms of social weirdness.

The same kind of thing has happened to Girls Gone Wild producer Joseph Francis -- he has found out he doesn't really have any friends, and the public is rather glad he's in the clink in spite of having bought all his mail-order videos and making him ridiculously rich.

Anyone what to provide the moral to the story?

Oh brother: you can't write punchline like this one.