16 weeks of hard work pays off

I won my fantasy football league, y'all!

the modern kidsman

Great Christmas advice from a British clergyman: God loves the poor more than the rich, so steal from chain retailers.

Obviously 2 Opinions 9:11, for the verse wonks.

All is Lost

Well, not yet anyway. I got the notice today that JS-Kit is forcing me out of Haloscan and into "ECHO". With DJP's wretched experience trying to start up ECHO on his blog, I'm not looking forward to this. Expect major changes in the next two weeks, and if you have any comments you wanted to save, this is your last chance.


What I think the average person things about God

And then there's Al Gore ...

Sometrhing in the state of Denmark

I know I'm sorta dumping here today, but I had a free minute. This is not a story about LEGOs. It's about what's going on in Copenhagen this week.

They are against climate change, but not against violent uprising.
The Copenhagen climate change conference appeared to be imploding from within and exploding from without on Wednesday.

Police fired tear gas, brandished batons and detained more than 200 protesters who tried to push through the security cordon around the Bella Center, as negotiations inside bogged down, for the second time this week, over differences between China and the West over emissions, funding issues and transparency.
After you stop laughing at that last word there, feel free to brandish your batons in the meta.

100 reasons

The DailyExpress.co.uk has listed 100 reasons why climate change is natural, and I have given up on providing links to info like this because they vanish over time. Instead, I have converted theirs page into a PDF, and I have linked it here.

Merry Christmas. Throw another log on the fire for me.

An astute observation

from iMonk:
It doesn’t seem that a majority of the voices I heard on a day of Catholic radio have a sense of how the church itself, and the mysteries of Christ, the church and personal faith, are experienced differently in Roman Catholic spirituality as compared to Protestantism. The reformation isn’t just a historical and doctrinal event. There has developed a significantly different experience of the church, the Gospel and the Christian life in these two traditions. It’s not simply a multiple choice question, but two very different ways of living, trusting and being a Christian. Overlooking this is a real mistake. It isn’t easy to talk about, but I’m convinced that, at the end of the day, it has to be counted far more important than most make it.
Good on him, and please continue to keep him in your prayers. I know he and I have not always been chummy, but I am honestly filled with pity for him right now and am asking God for more than just emotional peace: may God heal Michael and be powerful to save from disease.

Witty and Popular filler

I know Justin Taylor already linked you to this, but you didn't read Carl Truman's latest becaue you were intimidated. You missed this:
Now, it is one thing to have others write commendations of you for a book cover or conference brochure - perhaps necessary evils in the cut-throat world of publishing and conferences; and nobody should believe them, least of all the objects of such patent flannel; but to say it about yourself implies that you might actually believe the propaganda, that maybe you yourself are just a wee bit arrogant and smug. And, remember, this chap wasn't even Reformed. I shudder to think how much worse he might be if he endorsed the Westminster Standards or the Three Forms of Unity. One can only assume that the kind of man who describes himself on his own website as "witty" is likely to be the same kind of man who laughs at his own jokes and, quite probably, claps himself at the end of his own speeches - behaviour that was previously the exclusive preserve of politicians, Hollywood stars, and chimpanzees.
The emphasis is mine. The laughs and the awe at the mastery of the moother tongue is yours.

Absolutely Dissidens-esque.

Because we can't have that

I'd link to this essay from Ann Coulter about the Global Warming scam, but I'm afraid that you'll accidentally see Ann's cleavage.

I don't want to offend the weaker brothers.


See full report...

I could do without the exploding cross in the middle, but it's the best 5 minutes you'll spend on the internet today.