Ah, Diversity ...

Yes, it is the Political season in the US again, and after the Republican convention, and all the cries of "dog-whistle racism" going on during the Republican National Convention, I wanted to do some statistical analysis in order to think about the way that term gets defined.

In the United States, there are 50 governors -- one for each state.  Right now, 29 states are run by a Republican; 20 states are run by a Democrat; 1 is run by an Independent. (see table)

In the states run by Democrats, there are 18 male Governors and 2 female Governors -- a ratio in leaders of 9:1.  Of the 29 states run by Republicans, 25 are run by men, 4 by women.  That's a ratio of 6.25:1.

Just for kicks, in the Democratic ranks, they have 19 white Governors and 1 black Governor.  19:1 ratio.  The Republicans, on the other hand, have 25 white Governors, 2 Indian (from India), and 2 Hispanic -- which is a ratio again of 6.25:1 white to non-white, and this time is a 67% improvement over the Democratic mix.

In case it comes up.

A brief argument against millennialisms

This is not a post against eschatology: this is a post against the idealization of any particular system of eschatology (pre-mil, post-mil, a-mil, Chick-mil-A, etc.)

I offer a list of statements (in no particular order) which you should apply to your eschatology as necessary:

  • The Bible most certainly says that time will end and there will be an eternal state. (Rev 21)
  • The Bible most certainly does not say when time will end in terms of dates. (Mat 24)
  • The Bible says that the faith of Abraham is the same faith which all people saved by faith have (James 2)
  • The Bible says that the faith of Abraham is the same faith as those who are in Christ, and is not exclusive to the Jews (Heb 11-12)
  • The Bible says that God has a special plan for Jews at some point in future history (Rom 9-11)
  • The Bible says that all people saved by Christ receive the same final reward (Rev 20-21)
  • The Bible says that the moral law is the same for all people (Rom 1-2)
  • The Bible says that the Mosaic law is a special revelation to the Jews (Rom 3)
  • The Bible says that Christ died and rose from the dead (Acts 2, but seriously?)
  • The Bible says Christ will return to judge all men (Act 17)
  • The Bible says that the return of Christ is both imminent (Mat 24:36-44) and the object of our waiting (perhaps a very long time) (Mat 24:30)
  • There is more than one covenant in the Bible
  • Not all the covenants in the Bible have something to do with salvation
  • There are certainly "ages" or historical periods represented in the Bible
  • The distinction between ages that matters is the age prior to Christ's resurrection and the age which follows -- the one prior to Christ's resurrection is an "age of ignorance" (Acts 17 again), but the one that follows takes away all excuses because of Christ's victory over death.
  • Oh wait - I almost forgot: the progress of history is not from worse to better: it is from bad to worse until, at the right time, Christ is victorious over all his enemies (Rev 16-19, and from a lesser view, Dan 2)

That should be enough to offend everyone.  Have a nice day.