I heard about the Montreal shooting while I was leaving class around noon. Awful, awful news. I trust none of Frank's Canadian readers had friends or family at Dawson College during the attack. Take a moment to pray for the friends and family of the one woman confirmed dead, and for those victims who are still in critical condition. And I don't think I have to tell this readership to pray as well for a clear gospel witness to those who came far closer to eternity than they expected today.


I don't want to appear flippant about the horror of the shooting, but I must share my bemusement with our local news media. The anchor of KNX 1070 here in Los Angeles got on the mike to report the attack. At that point, SWAT was still clearing the building and details were both sketchy and contradictory. Before going to a remote reporter, the anchor solemnly announced that a gunman had entered the cafeteria of Dawson College.

He paused dramatically.

"With guns."

Well. Hm. Yes. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Anchorman. For a second there, I erroneously thought the gunman had entered the cafeteria with nunchucks. But now I see how misguided I really was. Yay for the MSM.


Okay, enough of that. If you haven't done it yet, quit surfing the Internet and petition the God of all comfort on behalf of the victims, their friends, and their families. Pray for the staff. Pray for the faculty. Pray for the administration. There are a lot of hurting people in Canada right now, so let's get on our knees and get busy.