too much work?

Read this, and then ask yourself: "What exactly is the definition of 'work' these people are using?" It's "too much work" to use an iPod with iTunes?

Listen: if Steve Jobs could figure out a way to beam music telepathically to you and charge you for the service, [1] he'd be doing it already, and [2] some people would find it a drag on their time to wait the telepathic streaming buffer to be ready to play. Too much work to use an iPod?

BTW, I have a theory about the reason the iPod lost iots cool: they sell them at WAL*MART. You buy eggs and toilet paper at WAL*MART -- things which are a commodity and sell based on lowest price. There's a reason you can't buy a Mac laptop at WMT, and it has everything to do with making sure its image and price do not erode.

Enjoy your Sunday. Back to the SIdekicks.