The purpose of rest

This is not a very insightful theological post. I just wanted to point out the purpose of rest in the modern world is, apparently, to have enough energy to catch up on all the stuf you had to let slide while youw ere away on vacation.

A coupla-three things:

-- Thanks to the SideKicks for keeping the blog fresh while I was away. They did a fine job.

-- In the next 2-3 days, JIBB will be replaced by Gummby as lead sidekick, and you'll see Daniel in the sidekick links. There's no nefarious reason or theological drum being beaten. My long-time internet friend Matt Pearson (aka JIBBS) has simply stopped blogging and has also fallen off the face of the Earth. I'm sure he'll be back when his life allows him time to do so. We love JIBBS.

-- I have a lot more to say about TNIV, Emergent, Baptism, Orthodoxy, the Gospel, scoundrels, malcontents, phony ecumenicists, and lots of other stuff -- but not today. I only have enough energy and time today to do the things they pay me for, and the next two days I'll be at an off-site meeting with little or no internet access. I hate that.

Nice to see you, too.