word choice [1.5 of 2]

'k -- as I'm mulling over part 2 of 2 in this series, I subscribed to Greg Koukl's podcast (go to Stand to Reason and subscribe), and his last podcast (9/25) is called "Red Letter Christians".

Top shelf. It diffuses the idiom of liberal passive-aggressive political speak, which is, btw, exactly what I am on about. If we don't defend the words we use in framing the concerns we have for this world, we are going to get manipulated into doing unbiblical things in the name of the "red letters of the Bible" or some other theologically-thuggish argument. It comes hard upon the Doug TenNapel (language alert -- not for the squeemish) link Phil gave in his TIWIARN sidebar at TeamPyro.

You'll have to register at STR, but you can opt out of getting junk mail. You can also subscribe via iTunes, but I know a lot of you are luddites and think iTunes is a kind of entertainment fascism. Whatever.