Fellowship Obstacle #1

Having trouble being teachable? Here are some tips!

Tip #1: God gave you two ears, and only one mouth. Do the math.

Tip #2: Remember, it isn't the messenger, it is the message (Recall Balaam's Donkey?)

Tip #3: If at first you don't agree, don't assume it is because they simply don't understand your point.

Tip #4: Remember that God didn't always instruct Moses face to face - sometimes he used people too.

Tip #5: The biggest hindrance to your spiritual education is going to be your own ego.

Follow these five tips, and you will find yourself suddenly able to take instruction from any of God's saints. We are called to edify one another, and to receive the same from each other - this works best when self is on the cross.

Have a nice day - and spend some time today in prayer for this coming Lord's day!