well ...

There's a new link in the sidebar that you have an obligation to visit. It's a link to Blood:Water Mission. {see graphic to my left}

Look: Jars of Clay may be woggly Methodists, but they have the good sense to do something specific about a tragedy they have seen with their own eyes. And yes: the FAQ page for this site has the chummy little banner in the corner for one.org, which is a complaint for another day -- one which I have already covered in depth about a year ago.

All that said, it takes about $1 to provide a person in Africa with clean water for a year. $1 -- the buck you are about to put in the Coke machine.

I've e-mailed these folks to start a campaign to build a well, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I'll bet you could use the water cooler today and give your buck to some guy who doesn't have a buck or a cup of cold water.