... gonna wear me out ...

Geez. He's gonna wear me out, I swear. Listen: I don't think church should be a black-tie event, but you know something? I don't think church has ever been a fall-about event, either. I have said this before, and I'll said it again here: if missiology is about how I cut my hair and what clothes I wear, it's not worth debating -- it shouldn't even come up.

But isn't the real stinker here that, on the one hand, one side has one uniform and on the other hand, the other side has another uniform, and both sides are trying to make a theological point for their fashion statement? Think about that -- is it any more or less sinful to say that my jeans and a t-shirt is actually the more theologically-acceptable gear than it is to say that the business casual of some 'burb' church is actually the more theologically-acceptable? It's a stupid argument on its face -- trying to see which kind of legalism is the more profound.

The missiology snootery is starting to wear me down, I promise you. I'm all ears for things like whether or not we are surrendering the cultural capitals of our civilization, and whether we are actually interacting with people who need the Gospel or creating our own Gospel ghetto. I'm listening. But let's remember that we are messengers of a savior who is Lord and Christ -- who places demands on us that may force us to give up our "Jesus is my side of fries" attitudes for something a little more sacrificial than spending money on extended super Dish network with Game Day in order to "stay in touch" with the culture. Extra Foam.

At any rate, one of the sidekicks has a post on-deck for today. Make sure you spend the Lord's day in the Lord's house with the Lord's people, and try to show up after a bath in clean, modest clothes. The rest is between you and God.