Sidekicks Part Deux

(Special thanks to the HTML Fairy for help with reformatting this post.)

Cent's gone!

No, really. And he's left us to mind the store.

But like all good sidekicks, we know you don't come here for us, but for the main attraction. So for this iteration of Sidekicks, we're introducing Best of Cent. Only problem is, we need a picture to go with it.

So, here are your choices. Leave messages in the comments. You'll see the winner on Wednesday, when Best of Cent debuts.

A) Cap'n What's-his-name IronJaw

B) Centuri0n--Hard Headed Baptist (is there really any question that this one is the best?)

C) Little Johnny Blogger, a wannabe member of the Lost Boys (the Peter Pan version, not the B-movie vamp version)

D) Cent's ubiquitous avatar (please don't vote for this one)

P.S. One vote per customer. Only the first one counts.

Update: Here's how the voting came out.

A) 2

B) 7

C) 7

D) 2

SIC (Sidekick-In-Charge--that's me) has to cast the tie-breaker, so "B" it is. First Best of Cent post is on its way.