well ... (2)

Yeah, something else has happened in the last 2 weeks that has gotten my attention, and I mentioned it when I put the new button to the right: BloodWater Mission.

Here's the deal: we -- you and me, all of you 300-400 people who read my blog and me and my wife -- need to raise $3000 to build one well in Africa. My quick calculation is that if we each give $10, we can do it before Christmas.

The question is: how do we know that we have raised $3000 to build a well?

Listen -- you click the link at the right that says "obey Jesus with $1.00", read the fine print, and then click through to the donations page. When you key in your donation, in the personal info in the "COUNTRY" line, type "centuri0n" (with a ZERO, not an "O"). That's how BloodWater will track our donations, and we can get updates from them to find out if we have raised the money for a well or not.

UPDATED: My mistake -- you have to put "centuri0n" in the COUNTRY field in the BILLING INFO, not the "personal info". In the personal info, the Country field is a drop-down; it's a text box in the billing info. It makes me happy that readers e-mailed me about this because it means you're trying to donate. Nice work.

When I get back to work, I'm going to drop $25 in the kitty. And I'm not ashamed to say this: what, exactly, were you going to spend $10 on this month that you could put off until after Christmas? I just has to replace the alternator in my car, and I did it myself to save the labor so I could drop my $25 for this campaign. Maybe you could drink water from the dispenser at work for the next 3 weeks and put your Starbucks money, or your Dr. Pepper money, or your Dasani money in a jar and send that.

You know: if you think these people who don't have a sink could use a drink this year. You.