...makes me crazy...

OK -- I have tested the existing template for the blog in every imaginable combo of platforms and browsers, and the only one which is completely useless is IE 6.X. If you can upgrade to IE 7.0.5X (a fast download, a somewhat prolonged installer run, two restarts), you'll get way better results from the current template.

I know, I know: your IT guys won't let you. If you all will take a collection and raise $2000 so I can take a week off to work ONLY on the template so that IE 6.X doesn't take a beating because we are using CSS coding techniques from 2003, I can do more for you. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you people are going to have to just hang loose until I can figure out while IE6 is so intransigent toward me and mine.

The template works -- unquestionably -- on Safari, IE7, Firefox (both Mac and PC), Opera, and the old Mozilla beta that runs in OS9. It doesn't matter what your screen res is.

If you say otherwise, you're a malcontent.