The pitfalls of days off

See: when I have to work all day, I don't have time to find inventive ways to search technorati for people who are saying things about me, but of course when I have prep'd the bird and have nothing else to do for three hours, I find stuff like this.

So I "libelled Bono", yes? That's rich. Let me make something clear: the cynical version of Christian faith Bono exercises is about the same kind of faith guys like James Dobson and Bill Clinton have -- it's lipservice underlying the quest for popular and political influence. And you know something? People who miss that are not exercising great spiritual mercy: they are exercising blindness.

This is not about altar calls -- this is about expressing the unique position of Jesus Christ in the history of the world. Bono can't bring himself to do it in private conversations, he thinks very little of those who do, and he perpetually does things like what I have already beaten to death in that video.

But I'd be very interested in what "libel" I have proffered. That's a statement which is a lot less subjective than what I have said about Bono, and it's also something which ought to be pretty easy to work out. I welcome Phillip Winn or any of the squeekers at BHT to explain it to me, and I promise not to lose my appetite over it.