We get letters ...

I got this in an e-mail from an alert reader, and at the risk of inciting Richard Abanes, I'm linking it here for the consideration of the rest of you.

Listen: choosing to hold one's nose for the sake of a common cause always -- always -- leads to unions like this one. But for the sake of African pandemic compassion whatever, it must be OK. But because has planted thousands of churches and reverse tithes (even on the mint and the cumin), he won't answer quesions about this.

For some reason, I keep hearing a choir of all male monks humming in the background, and I have this picture in my head of Warren in red, wearing a pointy hat and carrying a big gold cane. James Dobson is at his left, and Chuck Colson is on his right. I don't know what it means -- maybe I can find somebody to interpret my dreams for me.