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What Jesus Demands from the World

By John Piper

The four Gospels are filled with demands straight from the mouth of Jesus. These demands are His way of showing us who He is and what He expects of us. Rather than the harsh demands of a taskmaster, they're like the demands of a father to his child in a burning window saying, "Jump to me!" All of Jesus' authoritative commands can be summed up as "Trust and treasure me above all!"

In What Jesus Demands from the World, Piper has gathered fifty of Jesus' demands from the four Gospels. Blending historical context, exegetical insights, and application, Piper concisely examines each demand. The result is an accessible introduction for seekers and new believers as well as meditative meat for mature Christians wanting to know Jesus better!

Let me add this: I was educated by The Deliberate Church. I was entertained and informed by The Serrated Edge. I was edified by Above All Earthly Pow'rs.

This book is better than the other three combined. Listen: if you want the outline of the greatest discipleship course ever invented, try out this book. Classic Piper, but focussed on what the marketplace seems to want to hear today -- the "how to" of the Christian life. It's brilliant in that it doesn't roll out scientific studies on whether Christian ethics work or not, or whether we are "ready" to hear this stuff: Jesus commands these things, and we are tasked to obey.

Read it -- and don't post criticisms here if you haven't read it. I'm not interested in reading it to you, or correcting your misconceptions before you read this book. Do yourself a favor and read it yourself, and come away a changed person, for the better.