Are Roman Catholics Christians?

A fellow named Russ from Georgia brought this up in the meta of a previous post by making the following statement:
Are you implying that Roman Catholics don't really love Jesus as much as Baptists?

How silly.
And since it is a seemingly-reasonable question, I thought I'd bring it up here.

Here's my answer: I think that it's somewhat stupid to assume that all baptists love Jesus the same way or even have saving faith. Being a baptist doesn't save you. In exactly the same way, being a Roman Catholic doesn't save you.

If you worship bread as God or demand that the assumption of Mary into Heaven is as necessary as the resurrection of Christ for saving faith, you are no better than someone who has idols of abstinence, political influence, and some escatological conclusion.

I'll bet some Roman Catholics wind up in Heaven. I doubt any of them will be Popes, but of course I could be wrong.

Note to Catholics interpolers: if you want to chat about this, ask one question at a time. If you are trying to construct a logical argument by asking questions, start with the first one, and wait for an answer.

Note to SBC interlopers: If you have a criticism, bring it here and not to your pulpit. Defend yourself in a public way and not as if you were a Bishop or Pope.