Boar's Head Moment

Not to bump the part3, below, but the notorious liefrigney has posted this at BHT:
I’ve been thinking lately that one of my problems (besides hovering just this side of a belief-system reboot, waiting patiently for it to happen) is that, while I don’t actively believe in much any more (nor actively DISbelieve), I do believe in a Jesus that:

* Is hopelessly “out of touch”;
* Is tragically unhip;
* Is largely irrelevant;
* Is ultra-uncool;
* Is completely uninterested in most of what we think is important.

Some of that may sound disrespectful, but it’s not. I love that Jesus. To me, it’s the only way the whole Jesus belief works. Otherwise we have a shape-shifting socially relevant human mirror, about as easy to grab hold of as Jell-o.

But I’ve found that belief is either unpopular or baffling to both types of people around me: believers and unbelievers.

I suppose this sounds like I’m trying to be some kind of postmodern Elijah (”I’m the only one!”) or participating in that annoying form of snobbery disguised as spiritual poverty. I assure you that is not true.

And I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this post was. Oh yeah, I was admiring Merton, who seemed to believe in the same Jesus. It’s one of the reasons I love him.
The Merton stuff aside (maybe another day ...), let's be serious for a moment: the statement rigney makes here is either the first step in a great journey to and in the light of the face of God, or the last mile of evangelical off-roading into the jungle of surreal, wrongly-metaphysical theology abstracted from the Christ who touched the leper, the Jesus who wept at the news that Lazarus had died, the man who died on a cross forgiving those who were killing Him.

Let's pray for rigney as he waits for his "beliefs" to "reboot". God willing his new life will be as a new creation.