I am very uncomfortable thatI agree with iMonk about the spirit of the following statement:
Joel Osteen is the anti-Christ. I am not joking.
Does Osteen place himself in place of Christ? Let's think about that for a minute.

On the one hand, he doesn't claim all authority and power for himself, does he? Not in the political or judicial sense, let's be honest.

But on the other hand, um, where's the Jesus? See: there's a subtle way in which one can replace Christ with himself -- and that's by never bringing up the Jesus. When it's all about the book I wrote or am about to write, or about my blog, or about my TV show, or about my cathedral the size of a sports arena, one is swapping out Christ for Me.

That's the spirit of anti-Christ, folks. I think iMonk said a good one here, and I leave it to him to flesh it out if I misunderstood him.