Fact? or Fiction?

I have 3 things to say about this video:

[1] There is nobody but Mark Erickson who thinks this is real -- but it's amazing to watch.

[2] Mark P. Erickson bears an uncanny resemblence to Zachary Johnson of "Fatal Farm" fame. Because the content at Fatal Farm is not family friendly, I'm not going to link it. The invasively curious can Google "Fatal Farm" and go offend themselves.

[3] You know "Erickson" has fallen off the apple cart (so to speak) when he tries to tell us how to connect iTunes to youTube in order to grab videos for your iPod. Not to expose my inner geek or anything, but the iPod only plays MP4 files -- and those only of a certain video size. youTube is a shockwave environment, and at the very least you'd have to get something to convert it from Shockwave to MP4. Somehow the infinite solution doesn't account for that.

And thus, the joke is on me -- what kind of geek debunks junk like this? Don't I have a life?

And on that uplifting note, be with the Lord's people in the Lord's house on the Lord's day this weekend. Don't watch a podcast of church -- you're not a spectator but a participant.