Needs an apology

BTW, I was reading this morning, and I got a laugh out of James White saying this:
I may just have to get TQ to join Team ProsApologian. If I could convince the Calvinist Gadfly to come over, too, we would definitely have the firepower to take out ol' Team Pyro in the Calvinist Blog SuperBowl X (I haven't a clue what happened in the previous nine, but X looks so much more impressive than I).
What James has overlooked is that while his Dream Team would be some very sound thinkers and generally decent and thorough apologists, looks like it was last remodeled in 1979.

And listen: I say that after having sent at least one very nice template ugrade to them for nothing about 6 months ago. That purple thing that site has sported for the last decade or whatever is, um, well, I'm sure it was a great idea before CSS was invented, or people used something better than a VGA monitor ...



Notes to self --

-- cross #prosapologian off the Christmas card list

-- prepare to be boarded by Angelz, who will undoubtedly take a shot for DrO's sake at the great, classic comic artwork usually showcased at this site. Because obviously, that's how James wins all his arguments -- with Angelz cartoons.

-- create new t-shirt for Pawn Shop which says that jealousy on James White looks like a newspaper tuxedo with a tin-foil hat. Link t-shirt to TeamPyro, which is in the Blogdom of God top 100, while languishes at #330, (technorati says twice as many blogs link to TeamPyro as to -- and we just had our first anniversary) and try not to rub it in too much.

-- check Google Analytics to see if this controversy is driving traffic to the site. No sense wasting time on this if it's not making people click through.

-- check to see if they're hiring new ops at #kerygma. I'll bet they'd appreciate me more ... [snfl] ...