Correction of Errors

Some of you astute readers may remember this post and this post from 2005.

Given that Steve Camp and iMonk have had the audacity to speak in uncertain terms and agree that the man who can bench-press 300 lbs and still have great hair is also outside the fences when it comes to expressing the Gospel, it behooves me to issue a correction of my own previous posts.

To wit: as Camp noted, given the lite version of a statement of faith available for Lakewood, it's actually -worse- for the Osteens than if they didn't have a statement of faith at all. And as Mike Horton has made clear in his writings on this particular topic, it's just a different, chummier legalism to give self-help advice and say God is only love and not also a holy God who owes you nothing even when you do a good deed.

So if you run into my old posts on this subject, consider me corrected or perhaps convicted. iMonk's right about this: if Osteen's preaching is "good enough" for the church at large, we are completely lost. God have mercy on us, but we are not called to be winners: we are called to be the last, the scum, the ones poured out like a drink offering.