Why we are idiots

HT: Twitchell for pointing me to this TownHall.com essay by Wayne Grudem. Apparently Grudem is endorsing Romney for President.

Can I say it clearly that Grudem's point that Mormon moral teachings are "from the Bible" is true enough from a sociological standpoint, but that this argument is completely irrelevant? Listen: If we extract the moral precepts from the theological ones, most moderate Muslims have a good handle on God's law, too. It just turns out that this is a nation which isn't Muslim foundationally, and in the same way it also isn't Mormon foundationally. Frankly, I think its his Mormonism which allows him to be soft on abortion, and that's the end of that.

It matters who the God is we are referring to when we say "In God We Trust" on our money. Governor Romney isn't referring to the John 1:1-4 God who is Savior and Lord in his Mormonism. Sorry -- that puts him off my political menu. He's welcome to practice his religion, to his own eternal peril. I have no obligation to vote for him, in spite of Dr. Grudem's pragmatism.